The Digital Service Desk Employee

What is Amelia ?

The Industry-Leading Virtual Employee

The maturity of AI technology has led to a new generation of chatbots and digital assistants - such as our Amelia - who respond to the developments in which AI nowadays is leveraged to improve the customer experience for companies and organizations. Whereas the first generation of virtual assistants mainly had the character of a chatbot, often based on text, scripted with questions and answers, and with limited empathy, the new generation has speech recognition and far-reaching intelligence to make connections, to recognize intent and to be able to respond with relevant answers.

Cognitive Agent or an Intelligent Chatbot

Cognitive Agent or an Intelligent Chatbot?

Both! Amelia can be used as part of your Service Desk and it has a seamless integration with TOPdesk service management software. This artificial (AI) solution will automate and take over routine duties, which will save your employees time and provides them the opportunity to commit to more complex questions and projects. Amelia has a humanlike appearance and characteristics. She is capable of improving productivity on any service desk, and she is a loyal employee that is aligned with your company’s vision and strategy.


Reduced workload on your service desk


Service delivery via new service channel


More valuable use of human capital

conversation with AI service desk agent

She brings a predictable result to an unpredictable dialogue.

The new generation of AI includes speech recognition and far-reaching intelligence to make connections, recognize intent, understand multiple languages, different contexts and is capable of responding with relevant answers.

Why Amelia ?

What tasks can Amelia take over on your Service Desk ?

Amelia already provides end users with 24x7 instant IT service and fulfilment through automation, to thereby drive increased efficiency and elevated customer experiences. Our goal is to gradually expand Amelia’s current functionality to TOPdesk´s users in IT service desk, HR and facilities management.

TOPdesk ticket management

Users communicate directly with Amelia in their own language to report issues or requests, or to enquire about the status of new and ongoing service requests

Intelligent FAQ

Users enter into a dialogue with Amelia, who will guide and help users to solve common IT problems. Amelia also instantly registers cases in the TOPdesk service management software on behalf of users

Account Management

Within the account management feature Amelia can independently reset passwords or change user rights.

With the current functionality, Amelia can potentially already cover 30% of the IT service requests.

Unique skills

Our cognitive virtual assistant has unique characteristics and skills and therefore provides endless possibilities for any service organisation.

Boost your service desk performance

Amelia offers an opportunity to apply Artificial Intelligence in a service desk environment and add much more value than just any regular chatbot.

Cognitive and emotionally intelligent

She acts as a cognitive assistant. Amelia is self-learning, understands intents and adapts her communication to the customer's emotion.

Human-like presence and characteristics

She observes, learns, understands and develops her skills in collaboration with and through training by her human colleagues.

New insights into the customer journey

Amelia's ability to learn, interact and optimize herself makes her the only Conversational AI on the market that can truly understand user needs and intentions.

Integration with TOPdesk service management software

Amelia is offered as service and as an integration with TOPdesk service management software. She provides for an extra channel for your users to communicate directly with your Service Desk. Adding this functionality to TOPdesk is ideal for customers who want to tap into new levels of efficiency and who are looking for a solution to prevent staff turnover, reduce necessity for staff expansion and to provide new insights in Customer Experience (CX).

Artificial Intelligence as desk service agent


A selection from our News Room

Improve customer service through Cognitive Agents

Improve customer service through Cognitive Agents

This webinar is for TOPdesk customers and providing a deep dive into the possibilities and the use of AI at an IT service desk. During this Webinar you will be introduced to Amelia, a cognitive agent, who helps users with frequently asked questions and actions such as resetting passwords. You will also discover the added value compared to regular chatbots. Register via:

Improve customer service through Cognitive Agents

An interactive workshop at the University of Edinburgh

Today we had an inspiring session at The University of Edinburgh on invitation by the Unidesk Group together with our partners IPsoft and TOPdesk on how Amelia, our AI based cognitive agent, can increase value of service delivery for the educational sector. Artificial Intelligence presented its Cognitive Virtual Assistant Amelia, demonstrated the added value of Artificial Intelligence for service organizations and challenged participating Universities on how a Cognitive Virtual Agent can generate value for student specific services. It was a successful session and this day has given as new insights for several relevant use cases that can be added to our roadmap for future development. To be continued…

Our virtual agent presented at UiT @ Tromsø

Our virtual agent presented at UiT @ Tromsø

At the 10th anniversary of the IT forum for the Norwegian education sector at the UiT The Artic University in Tromsø, G2C AI presented its Cognitive Virtual Assistant Amelia. Together with our partners TOPdesk and IPsoft, we demonstrated the added value of Artificial Intelligence for service organizations. During a workshop we challenged Norwegian Universities about how a Cognitive Virtual Agent can generate value for student specific services. In addition, hosted a guest lecture where we were given the opportunity to inspire the students about the impact of digital transformation on society and business.


The Digital Service Desk employee, Amelia, is a service that is offered in collaboration with TOPdesk, IPsoft and Amelia is delivered as a cloud service, leveraging Microsoft Azure to host the solution in a scalable, cost effective and flexible manner. will support this partnership by working together with customers to seamlessly integrate Amelia’s cognitive AI abilities with their existing TOPdesk deployments. Due to this collaboration it is not necessary for customers to heavily invest in a resource and time-consuming project for platform development, implementation, training and maintenance. TOPdesk customers can benefit from this low-level entry to Artificial Intelligence that quickly delivers results and easily scales for the future.

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